Mullein & Sparrow is a luxury skincare and lifestyle brand built on a core belief: We all have the power to make a difference with our choices. We choose ethically sourced ingredients of uncompromising quality to make products for the woman who understands the power of her choice. With products acting as a catalyst for self-care rituals, we offer a multisensory experience that inspires you to nourish and cultivate radiant skin. Our unique formulas emerge from both Ayurvedic principles and Western Herbalism to bring the most powerful active botanicals to your skin.

We make products that respond to who you are, and where you’re going. Because we believe that no matter what that looks like for you, the products you use should not only support glowing, healthy skin but also reflect the woman underneath.


The modern American woman, with a curated but curious beauty routine, and the confidence to know what she wants. She has a global perspective and claims her space in the world. With a sense of ease, she builds her physical world with meaningful objects and products that reflect who she is. For her, a perfect Saturday afternoon could mean having a late lunch alone with a good book and a glass of wine, or gallery hopping with a friend. She seeks the unknown, can’t pass a dog without stopping and aims to cultivate beauty from the inside out.

With a love of the natural world and a sense of adventure, her frequent travels infuse her life. Although she can be found circling the globe, her home is where she can truly recharge. Her active lifestyle and care for her health and well-being inform the products and practices she incorporates into her day. Her intelligence and natural sophistication brought her to Mullein & Sparrow with a desire to foster radiant, glowing skin with products that are aligned with her vision of transparency, botanically derived ingredients, and ethical practices.

The Modern American Woman. Her heritage is of strength and she defines her own beauty. 


Born in India and raised in New York City, Anit Hora created Mullein & Sparrow out of her desire for natural products that not only worked but supported holistic wellness.

Anit’s upbringing was infused with Ayurvedic traditions and seeped with herbs that cured ailments from colds to stomach aches. Ayurveda is an ancient system from India that functions on the belief that health stems from the integration and maintenance of mind, body, and spirit. Within this system, the use of plants is prolific and includes an extensive understanding of how herbs and plants can support health and bring vitality to the body.

It wasn’t until Anit left her career in fashion to travel through South America that her curiosity was renewed and she became excited by the power of the plant-based healing she had been raised with. Studying Traditional Western Herbalism, Anit discovered plant healing traditions from the West and became captivated by the medicinal power of the natural world. Anit returned to New York to formally study Traditional Western Herbalism and became a certified esthetician. In 2012, Anit created Mullein & Sparrow, distilling her line with influence from her Ayurvedic heritage and extensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants. All Mullein & Sparrow formulas integrate the knowledge of both Ayurveda and Western Herbalism using ingredients Anit knows have the best benefits to treat skin and bring balance to the body.