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Posted on September 26 2016

COFFEE ARIBICA: Grounded coffee beans make the perfect skin exfoliant and promotes circulation.

What to Try: Coffee Body Exfoliant

EPSOM SALT: Salt baths have been around for centuries and for good reason. Epsom salt relaxes your nervous system, soothes aches and pains, and draws toxins from your body.

What to Try: Detoxifying Bath Salts

LAVENDER: Lavender oil can help with many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and burns. It's calming scent helps with the nervous system and is often used to alleviate migraines, anxiety, and and insomnia.

What to Try: French Lavender Body Oil

LEMONGRASS: Lemongrass essential oil is used to relieve muscle pain and body aches  and has anti-inflammatory properties. It's a strong source of vitamins and provides a healthy boost of energy.

What to Try: Lemongrass Mint Body Oil

ORANGE: Often used as in anti-aging products, Orange essential oil decreasing wrinkles and improves your complexion. It also promotes circulation, eases anxiety, and fights inflammation.

What to Try: Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

ROSE: Rose oil has many benefits including balancing hormones, relieving anxiety and depression, and healing acne.

What to Try: Rose Blossom Body Oil

SHEA BUTTER: Shea Butter is a long-used and proven effective moisturizer. Rich in vitamins and healing properties, shea butter is great for nourishing your skin.

What to Try: French Lavender Bar Soap

SUNFLOWER OIL: Rich in Vitamin E, sunflower oil is a great antioxidant. Sunflower oil can help protect your skin from sun and aging as well as give your skin a healthy glow.

What to Try: Kapha Balancing Essence

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