Day 8...Meet Sunshine – Mullein and Sparrow

Day 8...Meet Sunshine

Posted on December 17 2016

This year, Mullein & Sparrow is celebrating our own version of the '12 Days' by adopting a cutie-pie from the Farm Sanctuary each day as a way to give back this season. For Day 8, meet Sunshine, the NY hen who makes us happy when skies are gray.



As her name suggests, Sunshine hen brings sunshine into our hearts, inspiring us to see all the good that life has to offer. Unfortunately, Sunshine’s early days were dim; rescued from a backyard flock, Sunshine had been bred and forced to produce more eggs than her fragile body could handle. Many individuals turn to locally sourced eggs as a more “humane” alternative to eggs from chickens raised in factory farms. The sad truth is that Sunshine was probably transported to her new home through the mail when she was just days old, and spent the first part of her life valued only for the commodity she could produce. This overproduction caused our friend to prolapse – a life-threatening condition where a hen’s reproductive organs fall out of place and are exposed to the outside world. Rather than sending Sunshine to the vet for treatment, her “owner” planned to kill her since she was no longer considered viable. Fortunately, Farm Sanctuary was alerted to Sunshine’s predicament, and after receiving treatment at Cornell she made a full recovery. At Farm Sanctuary, Sunshine is free to be the incredible individual we know her to be – and we are grateful for the opportunity to bask in her light each day.


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