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Day 7...Meet Cameron

Posted on December 18 2016

This year, Mullein & Sparrow is celebrating our own version of the '12 Days' by adopting a cutie-pie from the Farm Sanctuary each day as a way to give back this season. For Day 7, meet Cameron, the little piggy that went to Farm Sanctuary!



Thanks to a fortunate oversight, Cameron was given a chance at life that he otherwise would not have enjoyed. Born on a pig farm owned by a pastor, Cameron was slated to be raised for meat. However, the runt of the litter appeared to have a hernia, so a kind parishioner asked if she could nurse him back to health. The pastor was initially hesitant to separate Cameron from the litter, but after the others picked on him – and left him with a deep gash on his right hind leg – he agreed. The woman and her husband fell in love with sweet Cameron, and realized they could not send him back to the pig farm, where he would be raised for slaughter in just six months’ time. Fortunately, the pastor relinquished Cameron to their care. The couple contacted Farm Sanctuary for a permanent home, and we gladly welcomed Cameron to our New York Shelter. During a preliminary health check at Cornell, Cameron’s vets discovered that he did not have a hernia at all – instead, they suspected that what the farmer had really identified was a bout of diverticulitis. However, the suspected hernia – and resulting care from his compassionate friends – truly saved Cameron’s life, and we are excited to watch him enjoy the normal, healthy life that he is now free to have! Read more about Cameron's story on Animals of Farm Sanctuary here.


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