Day 11...Meet Autumn – Mullein and Sparrow

Day 11...Meet Autumn

Posted on December 13 2016

This year, Mullein & Sparrow is celebrating our own version of the '12 Days' by adopting a cutie-pie from the Farm Sanctuary each day. For Day 11, we introduce to you Autumn the Northern California Goat.

Autumn was rescued from a dry creek bed, where he had been abandoned with his limbs bound together and his mouth held shut with duct tape. He couldn’t move, but he could still scream. His cries reached passersby, who found Autumn and brought him to safety. We’ll never know who left Autumn to die, but it’s clear that this sweet goat was considered disposable. In that respect, he was just like the billions of other animals who are exploited for the production of food and other items every year. When we learned of Autumn’s plight and rescue, we offered him a home at our Northern California Shelter. Considering what he had just survived, it was no surprise that Autumn was incredibly fearful when he arrived here. After a few days, however, he began to understand that he was safe. He started to relax, make friends, and explore. Autumn has a terrifying ordeal behind him but only the good life ahead.


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