Day 1...Meet Artemis – Mullein and Sparrow

Day 1...Meet Artemis

Posted on December 24 2016

This year, Mullein & Sparrow is celebrating our own version of the '12 Days' by adopting a cutie-pie from the Farm Sanctuary each day as a way to give back this season. For our final day, meet Artemis, a duck regal enough to be named after the Greek Gods.



Artemis came to Farm Sanctuary in the aftermath of the 2016 Sand Fire, which ravaged Southern California and displaced many people and animals from their homes. Previously, Artemis lived with a group of 12 other ducks, with an owner who loved her animals and wanted to see them treated well. While her intentions were good, however, she lacked knowledge on proper duck care. For example, it is essential to pay attention to gender dynamics – the amount of male ducks in a particular group should never outnumber the females. Unfortunately, Artemis’ owner did not realize this – and while the stronger males acted on instinct, the females and less dominant males were severely over-mated and injured as a result. As the Sand Fire loomed near, Artemis and his friends had to evacuate their home, and were in great need of care. Their owner decided to relinquish them to Farm Sanctuary, and they soon welcomed the group to their Northern California Shelter. There, all of Artemis’ needs can be accounted for. These days, he enjoys swimming in the pond and hanging out with the other “bachelor” ducks in our Pekin flock, who are much calmer than his previous flockmates. Artemis coexists peacefully with his new pals and has everything he needs to enjoy the quality of life he deserves.


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