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The Healing Power of Lavender

Posted on November 02 2016

It's no secret that Lavender is one of our favorite ingredients. We use it in a myriad of products including our body oils, bath salts, facial care and soap, and not just because we love the way it smells. With roots in Ayurveda, we believe in the healing power of plants and lavender is a powerful healer. The unassuming purple flowers possess healing capabilities far beyond their humble appearance and here are some of the ways how.



Easily the most known of all its benefits, Lavender has long been used to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It's soothing scent actually slows your heart rate and lowers blood pressure to promote a deep sense of calm. Having trouble catching zzzs? Take a warm bath before bed with our Lavender Bath Salts or and add a few drops of our French Lavender Body Oil to a warm water bath.



Lavender is perfect for easing sore or tense muscles and can be used to alleviate joint pain, sprains and aches. It's also often used to treat migraines and headaches by simply massaging a few drops of lavender essential oil to the affected areas.



Lavender can help alleviate respiratory problems like cold and flu, throat infections, cough, asthma or sinus congestion. Lavender essential oil can be applied on your neck, chest or back, or inhaled via steam inhalation for a gentle way to ease respiratory distress.



While you might think the scent of Lavender is soothing, turns out critters disagree. Mosquitoes find the scent to be too potent, making it a perfect repellent for the pesky insects. And if you've already been bitten, Lavender essential oil can soothe your skin with those anti-inflammatory properties.



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