12 Days of Giving: Meet Luther – Mullein and Sparrow

12 Days of Giving: Meet Luther

Posted on December 13 2016

It's the time of year when we're all able to look at the world with a little more love in our hearts. This year, Mullein & Sparrow is celebrating our own version of the '12 Days' by adopting a cutie-pie from the Farm Sanctuary each day. For Day 12, we want to introduce you to Luther, the New York Rooster who proves that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Read on to hear about his story.


Luther was a “cage free” rooster raised on a farm-to-table operation – circumstances that sound more “humane” than living in a battery cage on a factory farm, but can be even more detrimental for the animals involved. Sadly, “cage free” does not guarantee that chickens have adequate space to move around or have access to the outdoors. Luther, for example, was one of several hundred birds living in a dark, ammonia-filled barn with no ventilation on a Franklinville, NY, farm. With over 700 animals living on the property, the owners –who were the only two people working there – were soon overwhelmed with the sheer volume of animals in their care. Unfortunately, this meant that Luther and his friends were not given the individualized care they needed, and many suffered severe health consequences as a result. After a months-long custody battle, however, Luther and friends will now spend the rest of their days at Farm Sanctuary's New York Shelter, finally free to live life on their own terms as the magnificent beings we know them to be.
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