Why We Steam

Anh Pagefly

Posted on December 01 2017

If you’ve never experienced a facial steam, you might wonder why anyone else does and whether its worth the effort.  Because you do wash your face after all, and you take care to moisturize with good ingredients, and even do an occasional at-home mask, so why should you bother to add the extra step of steaming to your skincare regimen?  Simply put, when steaming becomes a part of your skincare routine, all the other good things you do for your skin are amplified.  Here’s what I mean:
Open Sesame
Ancient medicine has used steaming for centuries for both beauty and health such as in Ayurveda’s swedana therapy, derived from the Sanskrit  ‘swid’ meaning ‘to sweat or to perspire’.  Other cultures have created spaces devoted to steaming, such as hamams (Turkish Baths), the Russian Banya, and the sweat lodges from Native American culture.  Even today, we seem drawn to the rejuvenating effects of steaming as this practice continues to modern day saunas and spas.  Steaming is one of the best skin treatments as it opens up your pores for a deep cleansing and detoxifying effect.  As we sweat, our pores release impurities and toxins by drawing out congestion from the deepest layers of our skin making for a more balanced complexion.  Steaming is a natural and gentle way to profoundly purge your skin without the use of harsh chemicals or expensive spa treatments.
Netflix & Glow
We all want to be as effortlessly beautiful as possible.  We want the glow we get after we go for a run without actually going for the run, and understandably so, running is hard.  So for those days when you want ethereal radiance but also just want to do nothing but stay home and watch Netflix, steaming is basically your shortcut to the rosy flush of dewy skin.  Besides being highly detoxifying, steaming is also hydrating for the skin causing for an increase in suppleness and vitality.  Skin is visibly rejuvenated by the increase in blood circulation lending to the appearance of breathable, oxygenated skin.  Warm steam also increases skins permeability which is why adding herbs to your steam can be so powerful.  After the release of toxins, skin is more receptive to the healing properties from the herbs used during steaming.  Moreover, afterwards, your clear pores are more ready to absorb moisture and nutrients from skin care products, empowering your skincare routine and finally allowing your products to do what they are meant to do!
Blissed out Beauty
If effortlessly radiant skin wasn’t motivation enough, there’s the pampering part of steaming that deserves a mention.  Treating yourself to an at-home steam has got to be one of the most nurturing and nourishing things you can do, not just for your skin, but also for your soul.  You don’t just feel like you cleaned up your pores, but also like you released some tension and stress along with those blackheads.  Beyond being a beauty ritual, steaming is a deeply calming and restorative practice which makes you both look and feel fresh from the inside out.


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