Our Partnership with Tory Burch

Anh Pagefly

Posted on November 17 2017

In the giving spirit of the holiday season, we want to highlight the amazing things that the Tory Burch company is
doing to hel
p women entrepreneurs get their businesses up, running, and thriving!  Just one of the incredible things they're doing is the Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box - a seasonal treasure trove filled with amazing products from companies founded exclusively by women. 100% of the proceeds go towards helping select women-owned businesses - only 10 out of 800+ applicants were selected, and Mullein & Sparrow's own founder, Anit Hora, is one of the chosen few!
Anit is a passionate herbalist (don't even get her started - ask her about anything herbal and you'll end up with a reading list and a bag full of samples) who practically bleeds essential oils and flower petals. You can read about her journey building this business from the ground up here.
Featured in this season's box is our Rose Geranium Bar Soap.  We're really in love with roses right now, and are so happy they're finally having their moment in the sun... so to speak!  Watch Mindy Kaling unbox this season's picks, including our luxurious soap - she might be gifting it, but we won't tell if you keep it all to yourself!
Long associated with romance because of its heart expansive properties, the rose is evocative of both love and elegance.  Lovingly handcrafted in New York, our Rose Geranium Bar Soap features moisturizing shea butter to gently cleanse skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.  We invite you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and see with the heart what the rose has to tell you.  


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