Getting Beach Body Ready While Eating Ice-cream

Anit Hora

Posted on July 05 2018

We don’t know about you, but we’re really happy that the phrase “beach body” is starting to lose its stronghold on the collective imagination. For far too long the idea that one has to fit some culturally accepted notion of beauty in order to feel comfortable on the beach has had women in particular in a pressure-driven panic by mid-April. The summer looming around the corner causing both excitement but also panic about baring our bodies. Finally this is changing and the societal tone is shifting towards the obvious but long rejected truth that in fact all bodies are beach bodies- that there is no standard set in stone- and that our bodies and how they look, is not up for scrutiny. The conversation is beginning to change towards actually enjoying the summer weather and loving and accepting yourself as you are.
On that note, for us, the only thing we do to get our bodies ready for the beach is make sure our skin is happy and healthy and ready for the sunshine!
Real Exfoliation
Our body care collection only has one exfoliator- our coffee scrub- and this was a deliberate choice. Instead of creating a collection of exfoliators, we wanted to create one really stand-out, potent and nourishing exfoliating product. With real coffee and turbinado sugar for thorough exfoliation and coconut oil & shea butter for deeply replenishing moisture, this little bad boy is rounded out with mint and orange essential oils for an overall invigorating experience for you and your skin. Before you get in that bikini and hit the sand this summer, give your body a thorough scrub down with this exfoliant to reveal the fresh, even skin underneath.
Beach, Please
Believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of the beach. Maybe you burn easily, or you simply prefer staying indoors with the AC until summer ends, or have concerns about long-term damage to your skin with too much sun exposure, either way- we feel you. Personally, I go through phases where I want to sun worship and when I want to use at-home tanners to still be a bronze summer goddess without any actual beach time. As anyone who has ever used a tanning product will tell you, exfoliating is key for an even result. So even if you’re not heading out into the sunshine, make sure to exfoliate your body for that even glow.
Nourishing hydration
Lotion has dominated for too long! What even is in your lotion- do you know? Even the products that claim to be natural have ingredients we can’t pronounce and preservatives that serve no purpose for your skin- just preserve the product longer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want weird chemicals on my skin just because the brand wanted to extend the shelf life of their product.
A truly all-natural alternative is body oil. With nothing but vitamin E and organic oils, our body oils are the perfect follow up to the coffee exfoliant and are travel friendly enough to keep in your beach bag. Even if you’re not hitting the beach, summer is still shaving season and body oil is the perfect post-shave skin saver. A good moisturizer is key to keep your skin happy after shaving, exfoliating and just generally soothing when you’re exposed to the hot rays of the sun.
Finally, keep in mind, the summer is the peak season for self-care. Besides keeping our skin and bodies healthy and well taken care of, it’s also important to take a break and unwind and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine- beach or not.
Happy summer everyone!