Burn Baby Burn: Cool Off During the Fiery Season of Pitta

Anit Hora

Posted on June 19 2018

As June nears an end, summertime appears to be in full effect and we are soaking in the abundance of energy that it produces. The changing of seasons gives us an opportunity to be in a relationship with our environment and the effects that its elements have on our bodies. We find ourselves spending more time outside, being more social, traveling more, and all around enjoying the beauty and vitality of this beautiful season.
In Ayurveda, summer is ruled by the pitta dosha, and is defined by the elements of fire and water. Pitta season in Ayurveda is in full effect because the sun’s fire and energy are at its peak, making this season a time of transformation. This is a time to let go and plant seeds for new beginnings.
As this doshic energy increases, the properties in our body reflect these changes. During this time, the body may express symptoms such as agitation, fatigue, the feeling of burn-out, low digestive fire, skin irritations, and allergies due to fire flares and inflammation. Sound familiar? Once you’ve adjusted your lifestyle to combat this fiery season and avoid imbalances, you can be in optimal health to keep on feeling bright and cheery through these warm months.
Cool off
Swimming is an excellent way to stay cool, connect with nature (if you’re in the ocean or a lake!) and promote your digestive tract without overheating. A restorative yoga class is also a great way to cool your system. For a skin deep cooling for your skin, an all natural clay mask without chemicals or actives is the perfect skin soothing solution on a hot, oily skin day. Besides being a multi-clay master, our clay mask also has soothing aloe powder, for irritated or sun-agitated skin. But it doesn't stop at your skin-- your scalp can bare summers heat just as much as your skin! Calming lavender in our dry shampoo powder is an excellent ingredient to soothe your scalp and absorb excess oil after a long day in the sun. 
Check in with your diet
You may want to avoid eating foods that are spicy, red meats, fried foods, salty foods, and alcohol. Rather, choose foods that are lighter with a sweet or bitter flavor. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables and cooked grains are favored. Summer is also a great time to go cleaner with your beauty and skincare products. Our brightening cleansing powder is made with gluten-free cleansing grains and shelf-stable orange peel powder for the most gentle resurfacing after a hot day.
Stay hydrated
Cool or room temperature water with lemon, fresh mint, or cucumber is an excellent way to feel refreshed and stay hydrated. Water helps cool any internal inflammation and helps your skin retain moisture. For external soothing and hydration, our face mists are perfect travel companions for a mid-day spritz to cool off, soothe and hydrate summer-weary skin.
As with any seasonal changes, preparation is the key to a smooth transition as well as mindful attention to how you’re feeling and what your body needs. Happy Summer everyone!