The Makings of a Perfect Bath

Anit Hora

Posted on September 14 2017

A shower gets the job done, but after a long day, sometimes a bath is just what you need. It's more than washing up. It's therapy for your body. So if you're going to treat yourself to a warm soak, you shouldn't skimp out on the essentials. These are the makings of a Instagram-worthy bath.
Mood lighting is essential for ultimate relaxation. Turn down the fluorescents and light up one (or two) of our vegan candles and let yourself escape.
Whether you're looking to relieve muscles, draw out toxins, or promote blood flow, bath salts can do the trick. Not to mention they smell amazing. Just pick your scent and start relaxing.
Wash up with our hydrating bar soaps made with moisturizing shea butter that gently cleanses the skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.
Keep the aromatherapy going post-bath by moisturizing with body oil. The soothing scents will keep you feeling zen and ready for bed. You can also add a few drops to the bath.


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